Xilera represents a new generation of independent thinkers


Our values are built on participation, involvement and commitment and we do our best to be an organization in unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

Delivering value to our customers (software that actually works).

Keeping up with the edge of technological progress.

Being easy going, responsive, and systematic to work with.

While it would be an exaggeration to say that we are best in the world, we always battle up there at the top in whatever task we take on. Life is too short to be mediocre.


The core of Xilera’s team has worked together for almost a decade now, and grew out of a student game project at Uppsala university. The same people went on to form the engineering NPO MuchDifferent, developing a widely successful suite of networking plugins for the Unity game engine.

Looking back after wandering a long road, we have seen both huge successes (and to be truthful failures), and we have learned a lot. Nobody is immune to change, and embracing change (as well as the uncertainty that follows) is necessary to thrive in the software business.


Xilera is operated and owned as a partner organization since we believe that an inclusive ownership structure better reflects our values of participation, involvement and commitment. We believe that it fosters creativity, creates long term commitment and, to put it simply, leads to better results.

An organization should be more than just a place for work, but rather a place to learn, meet new friends, and excel in what we do. With that said, each recruitment to Xilera is made with the ambition of having gained a new partner that can contribute in the process of shaping our goals.

We offer an organization where we want to go beyond ourselves, dare to think big, create positive change and contribute to our common success.

We grew up in the dawn of the digital age. For us machines are (almost) equals

Office in Uppsala, Sweden.
Extensive experience in working and delivering to large customers such as Tencent, Boeing, Sony, FMV, ABB, Ubisoft and Ericsson, as well as various smaller actors.