• Evaluation of current systems and processes.
  • Pre-studies of future systems, requirements collection and scope definition.
  • Technology and architecture evaluation and recommendations.

We can solve your challenges in getting your systems to scale reliably with huge volumes of data, users and API requests at unpredictable times.


  • Prototyping and proof of concept for new system components.
  • Setting up a framework for further implementation.
  • Implementation of entire systems, from start to finish.

Build cloud ready software that can scale as the need arises to ensure you do not pay for more than you need.


  • Improving automated test suites for existing systems.
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks.

We fight to make distributed systems development as predictable as can be, and see tests as a significant part of that effort.

You may also find our help invaluable in:

Game Technology
Machine Intelligence

Game Technology


With our game development background, there is only a small step to virtual and constructive simulations. In fact, a lot of game engines are immediately usable for building simulation software, and may surpass alternatives from elsewhere. Our preferred platform is Unity, we have also worked with Unreal and various in-house engines.

In particular, we like solving clients’ scalability issues in simulations. However, we can also help achieving a high degree of simulation fidelity (and notably in VR).

Game Development

All Xilera engineers have a background in the game industry, projects ranging from educational children’s games, grand strategy games to MMOs – you name it. As we have several experienced gameplay and engine programmers among our ranks, aspects we can help you with are:

  • Engine programming and architecture
  • Gameplay programming and prototyping
  • Test automation for games

Machine Intelligence

Applied Game AI

A few oftentimes simple games can be effectively played by general purpose algorithms, but most still require an ensemble of hand crafted algorithms to give the impression of a human opponent. We understand the necessity of working closely with the gameplay programmers and designers to build fun AI.

Suggested approach is that we help your game developers bring the AI from braindead to a prototype “playing the game, with bugs” state, and leave your developers in charge of maintenance and further tweaking. Alternatively, we can help you solve specific problems that require complex algorithmic solutions to stay within quality and performance bounds. Regardless, it will be necessary for us to understand your game, but because our engineers are hardcore gamers that will not be difficult.

Machine Learning

Arguably, machine learning is the most important area of AI today. Not having a human manually writing rules, but instead learning them from data, is increasingly prevalent in order to either cut costs or to learn rules too complex for humans to specify.

Xilera can help you answer the most high level questions (such as, is machine learning needed to solve your problem), to assisting with low level aspects such as algorithm selection and implementation, and feature engineering (finding out what data inputs are relevant and how to represent them). With our help, setting up an autonomous data mining and analysis system in the cloud becomes an approachable task, even if you have no previous experience with Machine Learning.